Why should my child learn to swim?

Lots of different activities all reap a variety of benefits for children, some easily to compare and contrast and some not so.  Our love for swimming is born out of doing it ourselves when we were younger and experiencing many positives, we narrowed this down to just a few.

Swimming is an invaluable exercise for the heart and lungs, regular exercise promotes a healthy lifestyle for children.  Swimming allows the freedom of movement that perhaps other activities can limit.  It is a weight bearing exercising and is excellent at developing strength.

Children will naturally be hungrier afterwards as all the exercise will mean they need to replace their used-up energy.  This is a perfect opportunity to maybe try a different food if they are hungry!

Swimming is a superb bonding activity to participate in with each other.  It is such an intimate activity and there are no distractions.  No mobile devices are allowed near the water!

Swimming weekly may not always allude to the bigger picture but you are helping to build upon a life skill.  Swimming can be used at various intervals throughout someone’s life.

Being able to swim can add a different dimension to enjoying family holidays.  As parents, we can have peace of mind to enjoy water based activities and pool time safe in the knowledge your children are having fun but safely.

Regular swimming can help dispel fear of water.  Young children can become acclimatised to water and see it as enjoyable.  They will have a respect for water which will set them in good stead.

Regular swimming lessons can allow lots of interaction with others, both children and caregivers alike.  It is good for your little one to develop team work skills and for them to learn how to wait their turn.  It is reassuring to be part of a group of like-minded individuals.  It is nice to share experiences and ask questions safely in the knowledge these other caregivers may have a nugget of an idea to help you through with whatever question you have.

Swimming and mastering this skill can then allow your little one to become interest in other water based activities.  You can then be comfortable in the knowledge that they are comfortable within a water setting.

Swimming can help your little one grow in confidence around water and in general.  A good swim school will provide regular praise and encouragement.  This can boost your little one’s self esteem and promote their development.

Swimming is an excellent exercise and can promote sleep.  Not only does the child use physical strength it is also using their brain throughout their lesson, again allowing time afterwards to promote rest.

There are many reasons why swimming should be part of a child’s life and routine.  It is undoubtedly a skill for life.