Building your own confidence in the pool

When you take your baby swimming you may think that it’s all about you helping your baby develop and learn water safety skills. What you may not realise, is how good it is for both of you and as a family.

Not only does it give you a great bonding experience with your little one but it helps you build up your confidence in the pool, in 2 ways.

You may be fearful of the water or not a very good swimmer which is why you have decided to bring your baby to lessons. If this is the case; then a massive well done to you, for overcoming your fear and worries. You have made the right decision for your baby but also for yourself.

Our baby lessons are structured and progressive not only for the babies but also for you; the parents. The lessons will help build your confidence of moving in the water to eventually submerging your head, to see your little one swim under the water. However, we would never make you go under the water, if you didn’t want to.

Our instructors are there to help you and you will find them very supportive, reassuring and encouraging. Most of the parents from our lessons; who had worries about being in the pool, found they reduced or disappeared as the lessons progressed!

You may be confident, unconfident or fearful of the water but within our lessons you will learn: how to hold your baby, safety and various fun activities to practice a wide range of swimming skills. This will help your baby grow confident and eventually independent in the water. You will also gain an understanding of why the skills are taught. All of this will give you the confidence to try these skills and activities in your local pool or explain them to your partner, so that they can be involved too.

Swimming is a fun activity that can be enjoyed by the whole family, building up your confidence slowly alongside your little one will ensure you all gain a love of the water for the rest of your lives.