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Nemo Swimming was founded in 2009 by Phillip Groom and Theresa Nicholson – two individuals who are passionate about swimming, and teaching children to enjoy the water safely.

At the time, they felt that there was very little choice for parents who were looking for swimming lessons for 3-4 year olds; although there were companies catering for older swimmers, and young babies, the pre-school market was largely being neglected. Nemo Swimming was established to provide structured and dedicated classes for this age group in the North Tyneside area.

Over the last ten years, Nemo Swimming has expanded its range of services, and now offers fun, structured and rewarding classes for babies, toddlers, pre-school, and children aged up to 12 years old. Through its franchise network, Nemo Swimming now offers classes from venues across the UK, and is continuing to grow.

Interested in joining our team? Find out more about becoming a Nemo Swimming franchisee here.

The Nemo Swimming Journey

The Nemo Swimming Journey is what makes Nemo Swimming stand out from the other swimming providers out there. From baby, to toddler, pre-schooler and beyond, the Nemo Swimming Journey – our bespoke learning programme – provides a unique pathway that reflects how children develop and learn. By considering the specific milestones that children should be working towards within each age group, we ensure that our Nemo Swimming lessons are meaningful, effective, and that we deliver the very best service to our swimmers.

  • Our Nemo Babies lessons are designed for babies aged up to 18 months, and are all about building confidence in the water. With fun exercises, songs, and repetitive play patterns, these baby swimming lessons are a perfect way for parents to bond with their babies, and to create lasting memories.
  • Nemo Toddlers are suitable for children aged between 18 and 36 months. During these lessons, we focus on breathing, supported swimming, and teaching water safety. Of course, we continue to have lots of fun, all the while preparing our little Nemos to begin the process of swimming independently.
  • When they turn three, our swimmers move into our Nemo Pre-school classes where we encourage independence in the water. This means that parents will be supporting their little swimmers from the side of the pool. Building on the earlier stages of the Nemo Swimming Journey, our Pre-school classes focus on more technical aspects of swimming, such as body position and breathing.
  • Our Nemo Juniors classes are designed for children from four (school age) to 12 years old. It’s at this stage that the real swimming practises come into play. Our little Nemos will learn different strokes, and all the techniques that they need to progress as well-rounded, confident swimmers.

At Nemo Swimming we understand our swimmers and understand each week can bring new challenges for the individual child. Through our regular directed training, Nemo Swimming staff are prepared for these situations, helping us to continuously develop best practice and enable your child to enjoy and grow throughout each stage of the Nemo Swimming Journey.

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Behind the scenes

We have a dedicated, office-based support team, ready to help you with anything and everything-non water related! From booking lessons, arranging catch-ups, and dealing with general queries, they are on hand to make getting to the lesson easier. We think they are just great! You can contact them at [email protected] at any time.

Our pool team are exceptional, too! Once you have started lessons with us, they will look after you throughout your Nemo Swimming Journey. On hand to answer swimming-specific queries regarding practices, assessments, progress and also class moves, they have a wealth of swimming knowledge and will guide you and your child through every step of the Journey.

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