Five reasons why you’re an amazing mum

Being a mum can be hard work, and sometimes you just need somebody to tell you that you’re doing a good job. So, this is me telling you that not only are you doing a good job, you are doing an amazing job! Here’s why…

Nothing stays the same

Becoming a parent changes you; you aren’t the same as you used to be. Your body isn’t the same, relationships with friends and family have changed, priorities start to alter. I struggled with all these changes when I became a mum back in 2016. I suddenly felt like I had lost my identity, and these things that I once had a good handle on were starting to fall by the wayside. But then I looked at my little girl. She gave me that look that only babies can give – the one that says: “you’re my everything, mummy”. It might sometimes feel that you have given up so much to be a mum – your sleep, your social life, your abs… but what you have gained is so incredible. Embrace the changes, and enjoy the new challenges that parenting throws your way.

They’re doing it differently, not better

It’s easy to look at other mums and feel that they are doing a better job at this parenting gig than you. They’re not; they’re just doing it differently. Each child is different, as is each mum. We all have our own approach to parenting – our own unique way of ‘winging it’. All that really matters is that our children are loved, happy, and healthy. Take a minute and watch them as they smile, grab your finger, blow you a kiss, or learn a new skill. Our children are living proof that we are doing something that is unquestionably amazing.

Messy hair, don’t care!

In years to come, your children won’t remember how clean your house was, whether you managed to style your hair, or even if you managed to get dressed before midday. What they will remember is the time you spent with them, the hugs you gave, the times you laughed together, and the memories you made. They don’t focus on the small things, and neither should you. When they look at you with eyes full of love and admiration, that’s them telling you that you are their world.

Sometimes it’s all about survival

We all have days where we want to hide, or times where everything seems to get on top of us. All of us lose our cool sometimes, but we really shouldn’t beat ourselves up about it. We are human, after all (even if we don’t feel it after a broken night of sleep). It’s important that we allow ourselves to have ‘one of those days’, and that we give ourselves the opportunity to pick ourselves up again. This is what makes us stronger! As parents, we need to know that it’s OK not to be OK sometimes. Take five minutes for yourself, phone a friend and get things off your chest, have a good cry. Your little one needs you to be OK, and sometimes we need to fall apart so that we can come back stronger.

I’ll catch you if you catch me

In my early days of parenting, the relationships that I formed with other parents were, without doubt, the key to my survival. They still are! Having a support network of other mums – and dads – gives me the opportunity to ask the ‘silly questions’, and to seek reassurance that I am parenting correctly. Much as these friends have become my safety net, I have become an important part of their support network too. We are all somebody else’s safety net, so we must be doing something right!

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This blog post has been written by Emma at Nemo Swimming