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What do you need to know ahead of attending a swimming lesson at PaddlePod?

To enable us to provide swimming lessons safely, we have made some changes to our lesson delivery, and the way that we operate. These policies are being reviewed and updated regularly.

We ask that swimmers arrive at our venues “swim ready” (i.e. with their costumes on under their clothes) 5-10 minutes before their lesson. Please note that swimmers who arrive later than this may be refused entry, and latecomers will not be permitted.

To help us ensure that social distancing can be maintained, we have a “one adult per family” policy in place. Unless there are exceptional circumstances, swimmers should arrive with one adult only. This is particularly important when attending lessons in the evening, or over the weekend. We may be able to admit additional spectators during the week (Monday to Friday between the hours of 9am and 3pm), and this will be at the discretion of the duty manager. Please note that at busy times (evenings and weekends), additional spectators will only be permitted in exceptional circumstances.

Customers over the age of 11 years old should wear masks while inside  venues (please note that masks are not required while in the swimming pool).

When viewing the lessons from the viewing area, please remember to make space between yourself and persons from other households, and keep your mask on while not eating or drinking. We also that you are considerate to other customers who are also trying to watch their children swim.

Following your lesson, please get changed as quickly as possible, and ensure that you vacate the changing areas within five minutes of your lesson finishing.

Further information about the changes that we have made can be reviewed below:

>> COVID guidance

Is it safe to return to swimming?

Many of us here at Nemo Swimming are parents ourselves, and we understand that customers will – naturally – want to ensure that activities are safe before their children return. Safety is our top priority, too – for our swimmers, their families, and our staff.

The risk of transmitting the virus while in the water is very, very low.  This is because all the pools that we use contain chlorine, as well as a chemical called bromine. These chemicals remove or de-activate the virus that causes Covid-19.

We have very strict procedures that we follow to ensure that the chlorine, bromine, and other chemicals within our swimming pools are within accepted levels. These procedures have always been in place, and play a very important role in ensuring the safety – as well as the comfort – of our swimmers.

I’m nervous about how these changes will affect my child

We know that some children adapt to changes better than others, and we are very mindful of this when implementing any adjustments to our lesson delivery and venues. Our swimmers’ safety is important, and so too is their enjoyment of their lessons.

When we welcome children back to the water, we expect that there will be a ‘resettling in’ period. Our teachers and the wider team will support all of our swimmers through this. Where we know of children who have additional needs or support requirements, we will also factor these into our planning. If you are worried, though, and would like to speak to us in more detail, please email us at [email protected]

I’m worried that my child will have lost some of their confidence having been away from lessons for so long

A lot has changed over the last few months, and some children may be nervous about returning to lessons. Others may seem less confident once they are in the water. For some, though, it will be like they have never been away!

Our teachers are expecting a ‘resettling in’ period, and will adapt their lesson plans to suit the individual needs of each swimmer. We will help them get their confidence back – we have plenty of experience helping children through the ‘water wobbles’. We will work with you as well, giving advice and support where needed to help your children in their learn to swim lessons.

All of our instructors receive regular training to ensure that they are able to adapt lessons so that our swimmers feel confident and able.

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