Fun, safe and relaxed baby swimming lessons suitable from birth to 18 months old.

Nemo Babies classes offer the perfect environment to safely introduce your baby to the water, and allow them to take their first paddles in the pool.

During our baby swimming lessons, your baby will discover the water through carefully designed exercises, songs, and plenty of time for the two of you to enjoy the water together. Our experienced and friendly instructors will be in the water with you, teaching and supporting you, and ensuring that you and your little Nemo get the most out of each baby swimming class.

Nemo Babies lessons cost £46.32 per month, and are suitable for children aged 0-18 months.

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My little boy has been learning to swim with Nemo Swimming since he was five months old. He absolutely loves his swimming lessons and has so much fun! His confidence in the water is amazing, and this is all down to the fun we have together at Nemo Swimming. We take some of the lesson home and use the songs and games in the bath to further build his love of water the water.

Beth, 2017

What happens in our baby swimming classes?

Nemo babies swimming classes are perfect for guiding your child through their very first experiences in the water.

Our baby swimming lessons are all about guiding you and your child through their very first experiences in the water. In these very first swimming lessons, your baby will develop important skills and confidence in the water, which they will build upon in the later stages of the Nemo Swimming Journey. These first building blocks will provide your child with a strong foundation towards learning a healthy, fun and valuable life skill, which will continue to benefit them throughout their life.

During Nemo Swimming’s small and relaxed baby swimming classes, our qualified and experienced instructors will help your baby to safely develop the following skills:

  • Water safety
  • Floatation
  • Submersion
  • Holding on
  • Breathing in the water
  • Rotations

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Benefits of baby swimming lessons

Baby swimming lessons offer a hugely valuable developmental activity for your baby. As well as developing water confidence and an understanding of water safety, taking your baby swimming from a young age offers the following benefits:

  • With loads of skin-to-skin contact, baby swimming lessons are the perfect opportunity for parent-baby bonding
  • Research has shown that babies who are introduced to swimming early are more alert, and have better eating and sleeping habits.
  • Swimming also helps to develop your baby’s coordination, balance, and movement patterns.
  • Providing a complete physical work-out, swimming helps to strengthen your baby’s heart and lungs
  • On top of this, it stimulates all five of your child’s senses – sound, touch, taste, sight, and smell – which is FIN-tastic for their brain development

Of course, the benefits don’t stop there… baby swimming lessons offer several benefits to us grown-ups, too. As well as giving you the opportunity to meet and socialise with other new parents, baby swimming classes are an ideal form of gentle exercise after childbirth, and are perfect for releasing positive endorphins, promoting increased self-esteem, and boosting mood levels.

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