Nemo babies is a fun, safe and relaxed swimming lesson for babies from birth to 18 months.

Our expert instructors are on hand to provide a safe, fun and relaxed environment, and guide you through the process of introducing your baby to the water and helping them make their first paddles in the pool.

Our baby swimming lessons are a fun, positive and safe place. Your baby will discover the water through carefully designed exercises, songs, and plenty of time for the two of you to enjoy the pool together. Our experienced and friendly instructors teach and support in the pool with you, and are always on hand to ensure that you and your baby get the most out of each class.

My little boy was 9 weeks early, weighing just 2lb6oz and was very poorly. We were in hospital for 4 months. When we came home I was nervous about baby classes but wanted to do something, and I'm so glad we chose Nemo Swimming.
We loved it straight away and it's the one class we always look forward too. My little boy is now 2 and still loves Nemo Swimming. To me it's mostly about him enjoying himself and he really does! An added benefit is how well he's doing and how confident he is in the water. Our instructor is amazing. He's professional and friendly too, all of the babies love him. We would fully recommend this class.

Anna And Mark 2016

What your baby will learn

Nemo babies swimming classes are perfect for guiding your child through their very first experiences in the water.

You and your baby will learn:

  • Water introduction
  • Floatation
  • Submersion
  • Holding on
  • Water safety
  • Nemo songs
  • Breathing practice
  • Rotations
  • Independence

Benefits of Nemo Babies lessons

Baby swimming is a hugely valuable developmental activity for your baby. The benefits include:

  • Babies will develop water confidence and an understanding of water safety.
  • It’s been shown that babies who have been introduced early to swimming are more alert and have better sleeping and eating patterns.
  • Swimming also helps to develop your baby’s coordination and movement patterns, and the challenge to your baby’s balance in the water has been proven to improve their balance outside of the pool.
  • Mother and baby swimming is a unique opportunity to bond with your baby during this very special time.
  • Our classes allow time for socialising with other babies and parents.
  • … and did we mention the HUGE sleep they will have after most lessons?

Baby swimming is also beneficial for you as a parent:

  • You’ll have chance to meet and talk to other parents
  • Being part of a class is a rewarding experience, and our Nemo baby swimming lessons are designed to be fun for babies and parents alike
  • Nemo baby swimming classes are a perfect opportunity for bonding time with your baby
  • Newborn swimming classes are an ideal form of gentle exercise after childbirth, and are perfect for releasing positive endorphins, promoting increased self esteem and mood levels.

In these very first swimming lessons, your baby will develop important skills and confidence in the water, which they will build upon in the later stages of the Nemo Swimming journey. These first building blocks will provide your child with a strong foundation towards building a healthy, fun and valuable life skill, which will continue to benefit them throughout their life.

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