A fun and challenging environment for young swimmers aged 5-12+ to learn new skills and improve their swimming technique.

Nemo Juniors classes offer a fun and safe environment for children aged five years and older to perfect their swimming skills. Run by expert instructors, these classes are run as small group or private sessions. Designed to advance your child through the different stages of learning, our Nemo Juniors classes use a carefully structured framework that sees children build on their aquatic skills week by week. Nemo Juniors children’s swimming lessons are fun, safe and run by our expert instructors in small groups or as private lessons.

Your child can join Nemo Juniors swimming lessons at any stage, and our expert coordinators will work with you and them to set appropriate progress goals and help your child achieve these.

I've been using Nemo Swimming for over five years, and absolutely love it! My eldest started just before he turned one, and has now progressed to Nemo Juniors lessons. Nemo Swimming's instructors have helped him develop a love of swimming; he has always loved working through the badges, and has great aspirations. My youngest has been a little Nemo since he was just nine weeks old and, having just turned two, I can already see he is developing the same love of swimming as his older brother. The staff absolutely are fin-tastic, and I really can't recommend them highly enough

Rachel, 2019

What happens in our junior swimming lessons

Our Nemo Juniors swimming lessons, suitable for children aged five years and up, are where your child will learn all the different strokes and techniques that they need to progress as well-rounded and confident swimmers for life. At this stage, we offer both private and group swimming lessons to provide the best environment for your child’s needs. Our experienced and friendly instructors will challenge your child to learn and improve while continuing to nurture their love of swimming.

During our junior swimming lessons, you child will learn:


  • Stroke development – butterfly, breaststroke, front crawl, and back stroke
  • Water safety
  • Variety of jumps
  • Unaided swimming
  • Diving

More about Nemo Juniors lessons

We know that every child progresses and learns at a different speed, which is why our Nemo Juniors classes offer ongoing assessment. As and when your child achieves the required goals of each stage in the Learn to Swim journey, they will achieve distance and Stage awards.

As well as our group lessons, we offer private lessons in a 1-to-1 or 2-to-1 format. Private children’s swimming lessons can be suitable for a short period of time, or as a longer-term option – our experienced coordinators will be happy to advise you on the best approach for your child’s needs.

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