Nemo Juniors swimming lessons provide a fun and challenging environment for young swimmers aged 5-12+ to learn new skills and improve their swimming technique.

Nemo Juniors children’s swimming lessons are fun, safe and run by our expert instructors in small groups or as private lessons. In these classes, the aim is to advance your child through different stages of learning, using a carefully structured framework that build on skills learned week by week.

Your child can join Nemo Juniors swimming lessons at any stage, and our expert coordinators will work with you and them to set appropriate progress goals and help your child achieve these.

Our little girl just loves going to Nemo Swimming, she has gained so much confidence in the water and loves playing the games they have, the instructors are brilliant with them too, giving them so much encouragement, so so pleased we picked this school to teach our daughter to swim.

Lynne 2016

How Your Child Will Learn

We offer a range of lesson styles to match your child’s learning style, and provide the right level of support to help them achieve their goals.

What Your Child Will Learn

Our scheme of children’s swimming lessons is designed to enable your child to progress at their own pace, developing a range of skills and different strokes as well as earning swimming badges.

Our scheme of children’s swimming lessons ensures your child will develop a range of skills and different strokes.

Nemo Juniors classes cover:

  • Stroke development
  • Butterfly
  • Breaststroke
  • Front crawl
  • Back stroke
  • Water safety
  • Variety of jumps
  • Unaided swimming
  • Diving

Assessment and Progression

Assessments are ongoing and badges are awarded when your child achieves set goals – there is no pass/fail assessment at the end of the term. We work towards 3 main assessment periods in a year, however, here at Nemo Swimming we know that every child progresses at a different speed. Our highly knowledgeable team of coordinators ensure that your child continues to progress at their own pace. Should any swimmer not meet the criteria required for the next stage, they will still be rewarded for the progress and achievements they have made.

At the end of the Nemo Journey, your child will be a strong, rounded swimmer, with the skills and confidence to enjoy swimming for life.

Private Swimming Lessons

As well as our group lessons, we offer private lessons in a 1-to-1 or 2-to-1 format. Private children’s swimming lessons can be suitable for a short period of time, or as a longer term option – our experienced coordinators will be happy to advise you on the best approach for your child’s needs.

1-to-1 Swimming Lessons

Our 1-to-1 Nemo Juniors lessons offer a higher level of individual attention, ensuring your child gets fully personalised tuition. This makes them an ideal way to help your child build basic skills and improve confidence in the water if they’re new to swimming, or can help more experienced swimmers speed their progress on any areas that might require a little extra attention. If your child is a new swimmer or requires extra support, our experienced and professional instructors will teach and support in the pool with them.

2-to-1 Swimming Lessons

Our Nemo Juniors 2-to-1 lessons offer a unique learning environment for your child, because they combine the benefits of individual attention from an experienced instructor with the added competition, support and social element of having a friend in the pool with them. Our instructors embrace this lesson format as a way to not only add fun to the lessons, but also to enhance learning. 2-to-1 lessons are suitable for swimmers of similar ability levels, such as siblings or friends with similar swimming experiences.

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