Nemo Pre-School swimming lessons are designed to provide the perfect learning environment for children who can swim independently to further develop their abilities.

Our expert instructors make sure that our classes are safe, fun and relaxed, and encourage your child to make progress as independent swimmers, with parents offering plenty of support and encouragement from the side of the pool.

Nemo Pre-School stage children begin to understand breathing control and to be confident and independent. This triggers key motor skills enhancing muscle movement and memory, aiding the child’s natural progression.

Both my boys started swimming from 6mths (now 4yrs and 2yrs). with Nemo Swimming, they love all of the instructors. They have all been so enthusiastic and encouraging. We love the lessons and I am very happy with the progress of both boys their water confidence and technical ability. Lets not forget the back ground staff as well, who are always happy to answer queries and sort out changes with lessons. Thank you.

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What Your Child Will Learn

Nemo Pre School swimming lessons for under 5s are where the important building blocks put in place during the earlier stages of the Nemo journey all start to come together, and during this time you’ll see rapid progress in your child’s swimming abilities.

At the end of the Pre-School stage, your child will be able to swim independently with and without aids, and will be developing individual swimming strokes, diving skills and more.

They’ll learn:

  • Entries
  • Independence
  • Confidence
  • Floatation
  • Breathing
  • Movement
  • Body position

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Your child will be confident enough to submerge from a jump into the pool, swim independently, and develop the core skills they need to continue along their swimming journey.

Our swimming lessons for 3 and 4 year olds are a fun, positive and safe place. Swimming lessons are carefully planned by the Nemo Swimming team specifically for the preschool age group, and the games played throughout each lesson ensure that your child thoroughly enjoys every class whilst developing core swimming skills. Our experienced and friendly instructors are always on hand to help out, and make sure that your child is safe and learning in each swimming lesson, step by step.

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