The perfect learning environment for pre-school children to progress as confident and independent swimmers

Nemo Pre-school classes offer a fun, safe and relaxed environment designed to encourage your child to develop their skills and confidence in the water, and progress as strong and independent swimmers. During these pre-school swimming lessons, your little Nemo will be in the water with up to seven other children, and two qualified and experienced Nemo Swimming instructors; grown-ups will sit on the side of the pool, offering plenty of support and encouragement.

In Nemo Swimming’s pre-school swimming classes, children will begin to understand how to control their breathing, and how to move safely, confidently and independently through the water. As well as enhancing key motor skills, this helps to develop your child’s muscle movement and memory, which supports and accelerates pre-schoolers’ natural progression.

Nemo Pre-school lessons cost £46.32 per month, and are suitable for children aged 3-4 years old.

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My little boy has been at Nemo Swimming since he was tiny. He has grown so much in confidence and ability. He is now three years old and can swim independently, which is amazing! The staff are fantastic, and I really can't thank them enough. Such a great place for your child to learn to swim; I highly recommend these lessons.

Charlotte, 2018

What happens in our pre-school swimming lessons

Nemo Pre-school swimming lessons are suitable for children aged 3-4 years old. It’s during these lessons that all the important building blocks put in place during the earlier stages of the Nemo Swimming Journey start to come together. You’ll see rapid progress in your child’s swimming abilities during our pre-school swimming lessons, and can expect them to be able to swim independently – with and without aids – by the time they complete this stage of the Nemo Swimming Journey.

As well as developing individual swimming strokes, diving skills and more, our pre-school swimming lessons are designed to help your child perfect the following:

  • Independence and confidence in the water
  • Safe entry into and exit from the water
  • Body position
  • Breathing
  • Movement through the water
  • Floatation

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More about Nemo Pre-school swimming classes

As they move through our pre-school swimming lessons, your child will develop the confidence to jump into a pool, swim independently, and develop the core skills they need to progress as well-rounded swimmers.

Our pre-school swimming classes, specifically designed for 3-4 year olds, offer a fun, positive and safe place. Swimming lessons are carefully planned, with lots of exciting games to ensure that your child thoroughly enjoys their time in the water. Our experienced and friendly instructors are always on hand to help and support your child, making sure that they are safe in the water, and learning important skills.

Find pre-school swimming classes near you

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