Customer survey - 2022

Customer survey 2022

A big thank you to those of you who filled out our recent customer survey.

We've had loads and loads of lovely comments - and these really have made us smile. Some of you have also highlighted areas where we can make things even better.

We are working our way through all the suggestions and taking action where needed. In the meantime, we have addressed some of the things you raised below.


Temperature in the viewing areas (PaddlePod)

Air conditioning has been installed in the soft play viewing area at Killingworth (it’s wonderful!) and work is underway at Shiremoor.

Pool temperature (PaddlePod)

We’ve been liaising with our friends at PaddlePod on this one and they have confirmed that the temperature of both pools is being consistently maintained between 30 and 32 degrees. Both pools have automatic heating systems and the temperature is checked manually each day (just to be sure). There are, of course, fluctuations (within the target range) throughout the day/week - which is normal. While we might not feel a change of a degree or so outside of the water, our bodies are more sensitive to it when we are in the pool so we notice it more. Please do be assured, though, that we will never run lessons if the temperature of the pool falls outside of the strict ranges that we know are safe for young children. We will also continue to work with the PaddlePod team to ensure that both the pool and air temperatures are maintained as we move forward.


This is something that lots of you mentioned. It’s also something that we are looking into as we write this - sorting out what we will offer, how it will work and, most importantly, what it will mean for you. Please bear with us here as we finalise the finer details. We will have something in place for September and we will update you all very, very soon.

A mum and baby enjoy a baby swimming lesson together

Consistency of teachers

A lot of our teachers are parents themselves and, recently, we have had instances where either our instructors or their little Nemos have been unwell. On top of this, we have had planned staff holidays (some of which are trips that have been rearranged from 2020) and other absences. Of course, all of these things mean that we do, at times, need to make changes to your usual teacher. We are lucky to have such a fab team that can provide cover as we - and, no doubt, you - would always prefer this over cancelling a session. Our staff do follow a weekly lesson plan and use Doddle to ensure that notes about each class as well as students within it are available for anybody who may need to cover that lesson. We’ve listened to your feedback and will be working as a team to ensure that we manage teacher changes even more effectively going forwards.