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When is the best time to start swimming lessons?

We hear this question a lot, and it’s a tough one because there is no one-size-fits-all answer – it really does depend on YOU!

While some grown-ups start bringing their little ones swimming while they are just a few weeks old, others prefer to wait until they are a bit older. Some children will start swimming lessons when they are in school, and some swimmers don’t take their first paddles until they are adults. All these options are fine and, whenever you are ready to start, we are here and ready to support you.

It’s important to remember that the skills learned, the pace of the lessons, and the teaching will differ depending on whether you’re attending a baby, toddler, pre-school or junior swimming lesson. This is because the milestones that children are working towards outside of the pool change and our teaching style evolves in line with this.

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Baby swimming classes

Baby & toddler swimming classes offer loads of benefits for little ones and their grown-ups

Our baby swimming classes are suitable for children aged 0-18 months. Our lesson plans change according to the age of the child, and we take into account the developmental milestones that children will – typically – be working towards at 0-6 months, 6-9 months, 9-12 months, 12-15 months and 15-18 months.

We start teaching important water safety skills in these lessons, but the main focus is on parent-baby bonding – and with lots of skin-to-skin contact, there are plenty of opportunities for this!

These classes use loads of songs that provide familiarity and comfort to young babies and are fab at teaching skills such as entering the pool, holding on to the side, and arm movements.

Toddler swimming classes

Toddler swimming classes focus on teaching important water safety skills, and helping children make the transition from swimming with your support and moving around the pool on their own.

We use lots of songs, fun games and activities to do this and, like our baby swimming classes, the skills that we learn take into account the milestones that children are working towards at different ages – 18-21 months, 21-24 months, 24-27 months, 27-30 months, 30-33 months and 33-36 months.

Our toddler classes also see us start to introduce more learn to swim aids, including the super-cool SwimFins that transform swimmers into scary sharks or friendly dolphins – how exciting!

Pre-school swimming classes

Our pre-school classes give children their first taste of independent swimming

It’s in our pre-school swimming classes that children start going into the water on their own. We have two instructors in the pool with them, no more than eight in a group, and use loads of games and exciting floatation aids to support swimmers in the water.

These classes focus on teaching children how to move through the water on their own. Initially, this will be with floats, As they progress, though, they will start to do this without any floats or support, and will start mastering more advanced swimming skills. They will even start swimming with a more recognised swimming stroke.

Junior swimming classes

When they start school (reception upwards), children will move into our junior swimming classes.

Here, we offer classes for stage 1 (beginners) to stage 10 (pre-competitive swimming). Children will work to improve their swimming skills, will master and perfect their swimming strokes and techniques, and will work towards stage and distance badges.

Our junior classes are grouped by ability rather than age and we have children of all ages joining at various points in the learn to swim pathway. Our instructors work towards a termly lesson plan, and tailor activities as needed for individual children.

Find out more about the skills learned

You can find out more about the skills learned throughout the Nemo Swimming Journey below. We are always here to help should you have any questions, of course – just get in touch!

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