Junior swimming lessons

Nemo Juniors (5-12+ years)

Our junior swimming lessons offer a fun and challenging environment for school-aged children to learn new skills and improve their swimming technique. Delivered as either group or private sessions, these swimming lessons follow a carefully structured framework that sees swimmers build on their aquatic skills week-by-week and progress through stages 1-10 and beyond. Please note that Nemo Juniors classes in Newcastle & North Tyneside are delivered by SwimNE.

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What happens in a Nemo Juniors class?

It's in these junior swimming classes that your child will learn all the different strokes and techniques they need to progress as well-rounded and confident swimmers. Our expert instructors challenge your child to learn and improve all while continuing to nurture their love of swimming.

Benefits of junior swimming

Builds endurance, muscle strength and cardiovascular fitness

Helps maintain a healthy weight, and healthy heart and lungs

Improves social well-being

Promotes team-building skills

Teaches goal orientation and discipline

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"My six-year-old recently started swimming lessons. She's come on so much in the last year, and she really enjoys her classes. Her teachers are brilliant - so patient and supportive"

Junior swimming FAQs

Yes! We have lessons available for beginners all the way through to pre-competitive swimmers. 

Use the guide below to help you determine which stage your child will need:

  • Stage 1 (beginner) - for those children who have not had previous swimming lessons and/or are not yet moving in the pool independently on their front and back.
  • Stage 2 (beginner) - swimmers who are confident in the water and can cover short distances without floats.
  • Stage 3 (intermediate) - swimmers who can cover 5m+ in the pool without aids on their front and back with a flat body position.
  • Stage 4 (intermediate) - those comfortably completing 10m+ on their front and back with overarm recovery.
  • Stage 5 (advanced) - swimmers who can complete correctly all four leg kicks and have an understanding of the arm movements related to each stroke.
  • Stage 6 (advanced) - swimmers who can comfortably complete 25m on their front and back, and know how to time their arm actions into the strokes.
  • Stage 7 - swimmers who can comfortably complete 50m on their front and back, and know how to time their arm actions into the strokes.
  • Stage 8 - those comfortably swimming greater distances of all four strokes with good technique, and can swim 200m in one go.
  • Pre-competitive swimming (stages 9 and 10) - for swimmers who completed stage 8. The final two stages (9 and 10) make up our pre-competitive swimming stage, which we regard as the necessary preparation for the swimmers to move on to competitive swimming.

You will need a swimming costume and a towel for your child. We also recommend swimming goggles (with clear lenses and a split strap at the back).

Everything else you will need is provided for you.

No. You will, though, be able to watch from our viewing areas.

It depends on the child!

Group swimming lessons are what we would recommend for most children. We keep ours nice and small – no more than six children per class, and our instructors teach in the water up to around stage 4.

When your child attends a group swimming lesson, they will learn alongside other children who are working towards similar goals in the water. As well as making lessons more sociable – and often more enjoyable – group swimming classes help to motivate children, and you will often find that they are more willing to try doing something when they see a friend or classmate do it. They can also really help to boost a child's confidence.

As they move up to the more advanced stages of their swimming journey, group swimming lessons also give children a feel for what it is like to swim competitively. A little bit of friendly rivalry can do wonders!

Private swimming lessons may be a better fit for children who need extra support in the pool – perhaps because their mobility is limited, or if they have an extreme fear of the water. We may also recommend private swimming lessons to parents of autistic children, or little ones with ADHD, especially where group situations may be overwhelming.

At times in their learn to swim journey, you might also notice that your child struggles to perfect a certain skill – this is normal, and it will happen to every swimmer at one time or another. Most of the time, that skill will suddenly click into place, and you’ll then notice your child excel more quickly in other elements of their swimming. Sometimes, though, a private swimming lesson might just give them that extra focus that they need to master this particular skill.

If you are unsure or need a bit of extra help deciding, we are always happy to help. The answer to whether group or private lessons are better will always depend on your child. You know them better than anyone else, and we know swimming – together, you can be sure that we will find the perfect swimming class for you.

Our junior swimming lessons are paid for via a monthly subscription. Please contact your local Nemo Swimming provider for more information.

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