Toddler swimming lessons

Nemo Toddlers (18-36 months)

We love toddler swimming classes - they really are so much fun! As well as teaching valuable water safety skills, our toddler swimming lessons focus on helping your child make the exciting transition from swimming with your support to paddling around the pool on their own.

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What happens in a Nemo Toddlers class?

Our toddler swimming classes are packed full of songs, games and fun activities that toddlers - and their grown-ups - just love! Delivered as small group sessions with instructors who teach in the water alongside you, Nemo Toddlers classes see us teach important water safety skills, and offer a supportive environment whereby toddlers learn how to start moving around the pool on their own with the use of swimming aids.

Benefits of toddler swimming

Supports brain development, core strength and coordination

Promotes better eating and sleeping habits

Improves mental awareness, understanding and communication skills

Provides a complete workout, strengthening your toddler's hearts and lungs

Builds confidence and discipline around the water

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"My two-year-old absolutely loves these toddler swimming classes! She swam on her own for the first time yesterday using her SwimFin. The look on her face was just priceless!

Toddler swimming FAQs


One of the main benefits of the Nemo Swimming Journey is that you can start at any time. The activities are all tailored to the developmental milestones that children are - typically - working towards outside of the water, and we adapt according to each child's needs.

So, whether you've swam before, or whether this is your first paddle together, these toddler swimming lessons are perfect for toddlers aged 18-36 months. 

All toddlers will need to wear a double nappy when attending toddler swimming lessons. 

There are two parts to this:

  1. A swim nappy, which looks just like a 'normal' nappy. It is, however, designed to not leak or expand in the water. 
  2. A neoprene nappy cover, which sits over the top of the swim nappy. This should be snug around your toddler's tummy and legs, and helps to prevent any accidents from leaking into the pool.

You can pick up swim nappies at your local supermarket or chemist. For neoprene nappy covers, we highly recommend the Splash About Happy Nappy - and you can pick these up at many of our toddler swimming venues.

You can, if you wish, add a swimming costume or swimming vest over the top of the double nappy. This is optional - the only bit that we insist on is the double nappy itself.

You'll need a towel and a costume for yourself, and a towel and double nappy for your little one. Everything else that you will need during your toddler swimming lesson is provided for you.

Check out our handy guide below which contains lots of useful advice on things that you might want to bring with you for before or after your lesson.

>> Things to pack in your swimming bag

Yes. Each toddler will need to be accompanied by one grown-up during their swimming lesson. You will be in the water with your child until they are around three years old.

We can only allow one adult per child in the water during a toddler swimming lesson. You are, however, welcome to alternate who brings your little one each week, and most of our venues have viewing areas where partners, grandparents and so on can watch.

Our toddler swimming lessons are paid for via a monthly subscription. Please contact your local Nemo Swimming provider for more information.

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