Pre-school swimming lessons

Nemo Pre-school (3-4 years)

Our pre-school swimming lessons really are something special. Once they turn three, our little Nemos start coming into the water without their grown-ups. A big and very exciting step - and also one that we know works. We've been developing our pre-school swimming programme for over 13 years, and offer fun and supportive lessons to help your child build confidence and progress as a strong and independent swimmer.

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What happens in a Nemo Pre-school class?

Our little Nemos love our pre-school swimming lessons... and so do their grown-ups! These classes see children start coming into the water without their grown-up for the first time. Each class has up to eight children and there are always two instructors in the water with them. We use exciting floatation aids, loads of games, and pools of fun activities to help children build confidence and skills in the water.

Benefits of pre-school swimming

Supports brain and emotional development

Promotes independence, listening and communication skills

Develops coordination and balance

Supports development of social skills

Builds confidence and discipline around the water

A girl swims on her back using a woggle for support during a junior swimming lesson

"I cannot believe the difference in Luke's swimming in just a few short months. From terrified of the water to a child who can't wait to jump in each week"

Pre-school swimming FAQs

Yes! In fact, we welcome hundreds of children for their first swims in these pre-school swimming classes.

If they are new to swimming, we'd recommend one of our 'Red' pre-school swimming classes. These are perfect for beginners and offer a fun and supportive environment for children learning to swim.

If they are already confident in the water and are starting to take a few paddles on their own (albeit with the use of swimming aids), an 'Orange' class may be more suitable.

We have two instructors in the water at all times, and a maximum of eight children in a group. We then use games - loads of fun games - and exciting floatation aids to support children in the pool.

No. In these pre-school swimming classes, children start going into the water without their grown-ups. It's a big step, as well as an exciting one!

Our instructors stay in the water at all times, and these swimming lessons offer a fun and supportive environment for pre-school children to build confidence and skills in the water.

Yes! All of our venues have viewing areas where you can sit and watch your child in their pre-school swimming lessons.

Please check with your local Nemo Swimming team for more information about our venues and their viewing areas within them.

A swimming costume and towel for your little one - these are the only thing that you really need. If your child is reliably potty-trained then a normal swimming costume is fine. If they are still mastering this skill, we would ask that they wear a double nappy instead.

Although not essential, we do highly recommend goggles for our pre-school swimming lessons - they are really helpful when trying to encourage children to put their faces in the water.

When it comes to goggles, looks for a pair with clear lenses and a split strap at the back. You can pick these up at many of our learn to swim venues.

It's normal for some children to be anxious, especially during their first pre-school swimming lessons. Our instructors are very used to working with children like this, and have some great tricks up their sleeves to help children settle quickly.

There are a few things that you can try to help calm any nerves. For example, you could bring your child to watch a lesson before they attend their first class. Let them see what happens and how much fun the other children are having. Talk to your child ahead of their lesson about what will happen, what their instructor is called, and where you will be sitting. Some grown-ups like to bring a favourite toy along as well - this toy can sit on the side of the pool to cheer your swimming on.

On the day of your lesson, take your child onto the poolside where they will be met by their instructor. Their instructor will take great care of them, and will encourage you to go to the viewing area. If your child is particularly anxious, they may ask you to stay by the side of the pool for a little bit.

It doesn't happen often, but if your child is struggling to settle after a few weeks, one of our coordinators may reach out to you to discuss some additional steps that we can try. Likewise, if you have any questions, we are always here to help.

Our pre-school swimming lessons are paid for via a monthly subscription. Please contact your local Nemo Swimming provider for more information.

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