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Welcome to Nemo Swimming

From first dips to paddling on their own, Nemo Swimming offers a complete learn to swim pathway for babies, toddlers, pre-school and beyond. Our small group classes are packed full of songs, games and fun activities, all of which are tailored to your child’s developmental milestones.

"I've been to a few baby & toddler swimming lessons, and I have to say that Nemo Swimming's classes are head and shoulders above the rest"

Nemo Swimming news & thoughts

A mum supports her baby as they float on their back in the swimming pool

Your baby's first swim - hints and tips

Taking your baby swimming for the first time? This blog provides loads of handy tips and helpful advice to help you get the most out of your baby's first swim.

A woman swims with a toddler on their back while an instructor supports

What do you need to pack for your swimming lesson?

What do you need to bring to your Nemo Swimming lesson - and what can you leave at home? From towels and costumes, to things that make getting changed that bit easier.

A mum holds her baby in the swimming pool as they enjoy a baby swimming lesson

When is the best time to start swimming lessons?

"When should I start taking my child swimming?". This is a really common question - and one that we talk about in this blog. Spoiler alert: the answer depends on you!