Badges & certificates

What badges & certificates can you collect?

You can collect a range of badges and certificates throughout your time with Nemo Swimming. For babies and toddlers, these are awarded based on your little one's age and celebrate the amazing work and skills that are being worked towards in lessons. Pre-school and junior badges are awarded based on ability and your little Nemo will collect a range of stage and distance awards as they progress through these parts of the Nemo Swimming Journey.

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Nemo Babies

Certificates for baby swimming customers are awarded to every little Nemo (and their grown-ups) at the end of each term. These certificates detail the skills that you and your baby have been working towards in the current term and tell you what to expect as we move forward to the next.

When they complete the Nemo Babies chapter of our learn to swim journey, children will be awarded with a badge.

Nemo Toddlers

Our toddler swimming classes see us award certificates at the end of each term. These certificates are awarded based on the age of each child, and reflect the skills that toddlers and their grown-ups have been working towards.

As they complete the Nemo Toddlers chapter of our learn to swim jounrye and prepare to move to pre-school classes, swimmers will receive a badge also.

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Nemo Pre-school

As pre-schoolers, children will work through the following stages in their swimming lessons: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green and Blue. When they complete a stage, they will get a badge and a certificate.

Of course, we know that children won't complete a stage each and every term - and nor would we expect them to! They are still progressing, though, and to celebrate their amazing efforts, we award well done certificates.

Nemo Juniors

Our junior swimming classes see children work through stages 1-10. As they complete each stage, badges and certificates are awarded. They can also collect distance as well as well done and superstar awards.

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