Getting changed after your swimming lesson – some handy hints and tips

You’ve had a great time in the swimming pool – you’ve both loved it. Then, you get out and head through to the changing rooms. You’ve got to get yourself and your little Nemo dried and dressed. What is the best way to do this?!

Most of us here are parents ourselves, so we really do understand the challenges associated with getting a little one changed after swimming. Like many things, it’s something that will get easier and you will soon find a routine that works for you.

In this blog, we share some of our top tips and tricks to help make getting changed after your swimming lesson a smooth and stress-free experience.

After you

When you come out of the pool, a lot of people go to get their little one changed first. They then pop their little one in the car seat or on the floor, and then they get themselves changed. 

We understand, of course, why this is such a popular approach. Theresa, founder and director of Nemo Swimming, though, believes there is a better way…

“I would advise parents to get their little one out of their wet swimwear straight away. Then, wrap them up in a warm towel and let them kick – they always love this! It’s absolutely fine to use a changing table when you’re getting them out of their wet clothes. Once they are wrapped in their towel, though, the safest place for them is on a mat on the floor.”

She adds: “While they are kicking away, get yourself changed. Then, once you are sorted, you can get them dressed – and by this point you’re nice and dry and not dripping all over them.”

“Once they are changed, pop them in a car seat – if you have one that comes out of the car easily – and you can then do any other bits that you need to do.”

“All that swimming has made me sleepy!”

The safest place

“The safest place for your baby or toddler is on the floor,” explains Theresa. “That way, there is no risk of them falling. You don’t need to worry about whether they are correctly clipped into a fold-down wall unit, and so on. By all means, use changing tables when you’re getting them dressed or undressed, but while you are concentrating on other things, please put them on the floor where they are, without a doubt, in the safest place.”

Loose-fitting clothing (for example, onesies) make getting changed super-quick and easy!

Loose-fitting clothing

“This is a must for little Nemos and their grown-ups. Loose-fitting clothing means that you can get dressed quickly, easily and with minimal fuss”, Theresa adds. “Jeans can be really difficult to get on after a swim, especially if you aren’t 100% dry. Go for comfort over style on swimming days!”

Phew, this is getting easier now!

Of course, once they turn three (or thereabouts) and start going into the water without you, things become a bit easier as there’s now only one of you that you need to worry about getting changed. And, of course, most children are able to sit or stand without support – or without fear of them falling over – at this age.

Got a question?

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