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What do I need to pack?

We've put together a really handy 'what to pack' list to help you decide what you need to bring to your lesson (and what you can leave at home!).

A young boy swims with the support of his mum and a woggle while holding a green ball

What to expect in your Nemo Swimming lesson

Our swimming lessons are packed full of songs, games and fun activities - and we always have an awesome time! Our instructors teach in the water in our baby swimming, toddler swimming, pre-school swimming and junior swimming (up to stage 4) classes. In our baby and toddler swimming classes, you will be in the water alongside your little Nemo; once they move into Nemo Pre-school classes, children will start going into the water without their grown-ups.

What will your little one learn in their swimming classes?

Find out more about the Nemo Swimming Journey, our unique learn to swim programme - including information on the skills that are taught at each stage, and the criteria that swimmers will work towards.

A mum helps a baby to hold on to the side of the pool during a baby swimming lesson

Swimming lesson dates

You can view your swimming lesson dates - as well as times, venue information, details about your instructor and more - via your online Doddle account at any time. If you need to move to a different day or time, just get in touch!

Tracking your child's progress

You can see what your child is working towards in their swimming lessons via your online Doddle account. For Nemo Pre-school and Nemo Juniors lessons, skills are shown in grayscale as children are still perfecting them, and turn to colour once they have been demonstrated consistently and with the correct technique.

A girl swims on her back using a woggle for support during a junior swimming lesson
A collection of Nemo Swimming badges and certificates

Badges & certificates

There are a number of badges and certificates that you can collect throughout your time with Nemo Swimming. Find out more about these here.

Payment FAQs

Got a question about your payments? This is the place to find all the answers! If you can't find what you're looking for, or if you have any questions, just get in touch!

A mum and baby enjoy some quality bonding time during a baby swimming lesson
A mum supports her baby in the swimming pool as they lie back and kick their legs

Frequently asked questions

Whether it's your first swimming lesson, or you've been swimming with us for a while, we know it's normal to have questions from time to time. We are always here and happy to help. For your convenience, we have also answered some of the more commonly asked questions on this page.