A toddler and mum hold on to the side of the swimming pool while the young boy smiles at the camera

Water wobbles – our experiences

Tracey and Zach

A Nemo Swimming instructor praises a young boy during his swimming lesson while a man smiles in the background
Before becoming a Nemo Swimming instructor, Tracey attended Nemo Swimming lessons with her three children

Tracey heads up our teaching & delivery team and has been a Nemo Swimming teacher for over nine years. She has taught hundreds – thousands, even – of little Nemos (and their grown-ups) and has helped many a child through the water wobbles.

She is also a mum to three children herself and has first-hand experience of the water wobbles with her little boy, Zach.

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Phil and Theo

Phil and Theo (as a toddler) enjoying a Nemo Swimming lesson

You know we keep saying that the water wobbles are normal and that pretty much every child will go through them at some point? Well, it turns out that, even when one of your parents is an ex-competitive swimmer and runs his own swim schools and swimming venues, you can’t escape them!

Phil is Nemo Swimming’s founder and director. He has years and years of experience teaching children how to swim and is used to coaching them – and their parents – through the water wobbles. A few years ago, when his little boy was just a toddler, Phil found himself on his own water wobble journey…

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Emma and Evie

Evie (right) went through the water wobbles as a toddler. She came out the other side as a much more confident swimmer and loves her swimming lessons these days

Emma works in the Nemo Swimming office and has been bringing her little girl, Evie, to lessons since she was just 11 weeks old.

When she was two, Evie experienced the water wobbles. She went from loving the water to crying the second her grown-ups pulled into the car park. It took time – and a lot of patience – to get through the phase but the water wobbles are now a distant memory for Evie who is now a confident and super-smiley swimmer once more.

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