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Got a question about your Nemo Swimming lessons? You'll find answers to some of the more commonly asked questions below. If you can't find what you're looking for, just get in touch - we are always here and happy to help!

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You'll find lots of information about your Nemo Swimming payments on our payments FAQ page.

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If you login to your Doddle account, you can see your upcoming lesson dates, find out more about your learn to swim venue, and view your account balance.

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Our customer zone is packed full of useful information - including what to expect in your lessons, how to track your child's progress in their swimming lessons

Looking for swimming lessons? You can book them online - it's super-quick and easy!

Other frequently asked questions

We offer swimming lessons for babies, toddlers, pre-school and beyond.

The skills learned evolve as children progress through their learn to swim journey. You can find out more below:

>> The Nemo Swimming Journey

You'll also find more information about our classes on the following pages:

You can book Nemo Swimming lessons online - it's really quick and really easy.

To book, find your nearest branch and follow the links to 'book now'.

>> Find your nearest branch

You can find a really handy 'what to pack' list here!

Nemo Swimming lessons are paid for via a monthly subscription. 

When you join, you'll pay upfront for your lessons in your first month. From the 1st of the following month, we will collect an agreed amount from your nominated card.

Once booked, your space is yours until you tell us otherwise. Your lessons will carry forward to one term to the next - so there's no need to rebook.

Just get in touch with your local support team and they will look for alternative classes for you - nice and simple!

Not necessarily... If your child is 17 months and currently in, for example, a Nemo Babies 6-18 month class, you may be wondering if they need to move to a different session. It depends on the class. If, for example, the others in the class are around the same age, that class may become a Nemo Toddlers 18-30 month class next term. If the other children are younger, we may recommend moving your little Nemo to a slightly earlier or later class which may be more appropriate for their age.

Similarly, a Nemo Pre-school Red class may become a Nemo Pre-school Orange as the children progress; or a Stage 1 may become a Stage 2 class as children learn new skills and techniques. Often, children will stay in the same class and the class will progress with them.

Where we will ask you to move to a different class is where your Nemo Toddler is moving into a Nemo Pre-school class, or where your Pre-school swimmer is ready to start Nemo Juniors lessons. We'll reach out and take care of everything for you in situations such of these.

We don't, and there are a number of reasons for this...

First and foremost, if you were to book a trial and love the class, we wouldn't be able to guarantee that a space would be available the following week - and we know that this can lead to disappointment.

Secondly, we know that some children will take a couple of weeks to settle into any new class so a one week trial doesn't always give you a full opportunity to assess the classes.

You can join our classes at any time. We are confident that you will love our classes as much as we do but if, for whatever reason, you decide they aren't for you, you can leave at any time (refer to our booking terms and conditions for more information).

There are some illnesses that mean that your child should not come swimming. For example, you shouldn't bring them if they have experienced sickness or diarrhoea in the last 48 hours. Likewise, if they have chicken pox children should not attend swimming until all their spots have scabbed over.

You should always check with a healthcare professional if you are unsure - they are the best people to provide any medical advice.

Yes! And we have plenty of experience doing this.

When you book, we ask that you add details about any relevant medical conditions or additional needs - you can update these at any time. If you need to discuss anything with us, or what to have a chat about how we can better support you or your child, just get in touch!

If you decide you want to cancel your Nemo Swimming lessons, you will need to give us 28 days notice in writing by contacting your local branch. A member of the team will be in touch to confirm your last lesson date, and to ask you for any feedback regarding your classes and reasons for leaving. We will then begin the process of reconciling your account, which involves looking at the credits and debits on your account, and working out what charge or refund needs to be made to complete your cancellation request.

If, at any time, you want to resume your Nemo Swimming lessons, just let us know.

We love a good photo as much as you - we really do! To protect our swimmers and their families, however, we do not allow photos or videos to be taken during our lessons. If we do see you taking pictures or filming any part of our sessions, you will be asked to stop and you may be asked to delete any photos/videos you have taken. Please do not take offence if we do this - we are only doing what we need to do to ensure that our sessions are safe and enjoyable for everyone.

From time to time, we may photograph or video some of our lessons. Where we do this, we will also ensure that we have the express permission of everybody involved. We are always happy to share these pictures with you too - all you need to do is ask.