Fun and supportive toddler swimming lessons designed to promote confidence and independence in the water

Nemo Toddlers lessons provide an exciting, safe, and supportive environment for toddlers and their grown-ups to discover the fun of playing and swimming in the pool together.

Our toddler swimming lessons aim to guide your little Nemo towards independent swimming, progressing from moving round the pool with your support to taking their first strokes by themselves. The carefully designed toddler swimming programme teaches your toddler water safety and helps to build their water confidence as they move through the Nemo Swimming Journey. Focussing on breathing, supported swimming, and – of course – having lots of fun, these classes give your toddler their first tastes of swimming independently before moving to our Nemo Pre-school sessions.

Nemo Toddlers lessons cost £46.32 per month, and are suitable for children aged 18-36 months.

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My little girl has been attending Nemo Swimming lessons for a while now. She has grown in confidence so much, and I am really impressed with how much she has learned. You can see how much she enjoys the lessons, and she talks about them (and her instructor) for hours after we leave the pool – the highlight of her week (and mine!). The small class sizes mean that each child gets plenty of attention, and the instructors always adapt the activities to suit each one’s abilities – the attention to detail here is simply fantastic. Highly recommend these lessons – thanks, Nemo Swimming!

James, 2018

What happens in our toddler swimming lessons?

Our toddler swimming lessons help your child to develop the skills that they need to make the – sometimes challenging – progression from swimming with support to swimming independently. Offering a fun, positive, and safe environment, your toddler will learn how to move confidently and independently through the water.

During these toddler swimming classes, your child will learn using carefully designed exercises, pools of verbal praise and encouragement, and plenty of time for you to enjoy the water together. Our experienced instructors teach in the water with you, so they are always on hand to make sure that you both get the most out of your toddler swimming lesson.

During Nemo Swimming’s small and relaxed toddler swimming classes, your child will learn the following skills:

  • Water safety
  • Floatation
  • Rotation
  • Leg kicks
  • Safe entry into and exit from the water
  • Independence in the water using floatation aids

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More about Nemo Toddlers swimming lessons

Nemo Swimming’s toddler swimming lessons encourage your child to trust and enjoy the water, with progressive and fast-paced lessons designed to hold your toddler’s attention and encourage learning. Toddlers thrive on praise, and throughout our toddler swimming lessons they are verbally rewarded for each goal in the class, however small the achievement.

We build on the skills learned week-to-week to provide your child with a strong sense of achievement, all while developing and reinforcing skills that will prepare them for the next stage of the Nemo Swimming Journey. As your child progresses through our toddler swimming lessons and prepares to move to Nemo Pre-school classes, we work towards encouraging independence in the water, which means that grown-ups will start to take a less active role in lessons. As and when they are ready, our instructors will guide your child into the next stage of the Nemo Swimming Journey – Nemo Pre-school.

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