Nemo toddlers swimming lessons are a fun and supportive environment for your toddler to build their water confidence and take steps towards becoming an independent swimmer.

Our experienced instructors provide a fun, safe and relaxed class environment, as well as expert support to encourage toddlers and parents to discover the fun of playing and swimming in the pool.

Nemo toddler swimming lessons aim to guide your toddler towards independent swimming, progressing from moving around the pool with your support to taking their first strokes by themselves. The carefully designed Nemo programme teaches your toddler water safety throughout the term. Focusing on breathing, supported swimming and, of course, having lots of fun, these classes encourage your toddler to begin the process of swimming independently.

My baby little girl has been going swimming at Nemo Swimming since she was just a few months old. It is the best class we have been to, she has never had a fear of water thanks to her Instructor and the rest of the team. It's also made bath time at home easy and lots of fun. We also sing the songs to her at home and swimming on holiday has been a breeze as she loves it. I would recommend it to anyone, my little girl is now 13 months old now and we can't wait to get back next term. Plus what a great excuse to buy pretty happy nappy costumes! Great value for money too thanks Nemo's

Caroline – Beacon Hill January 2016

What your toddler will learn

Nemo toddler swimming lessons help your child develop the key skills required to make the sometimes challenging progression from swimming with support to swimming independently.

Our swimming lessons for toddlers are a fun, positive and safe place. Your toddler will learn how to move safely and independently in the water through carefully designed exercises, lots of verbal praise and encouragement, and plenty of time for you and your child to enjoy the pool together. Our experienced instructors teach and support in the pool with you, and are always on hand to help you and your toddler get the most out of each class.

In these swimming classes your toddler will learn:

  • Floatation
  • Rotation
  • Leg kick
  • Independence
  • Water safety
  • Jumping in


At Nemo toddlers swimming lessons your child will learn to trust and enjoy the aquatic environment, with progressive and fast paced lessons perfect for holding their attention and keeping them entertained. Toddlers thrive on praise, and throughout our swimming lessons they are verbally rewarded for each goal in the class, however small the achievement.

We build on the skills learned week-to-week to provide your child with a strong sense of achievement, all while developing and reinforcing key skills that will prepare them for the next stage on the Nemo journey. As your child progresses from Nemo Toddler to Nemo Pre-School, you will start to take a less active role in lessons, as we work towards encouraging independence for your child.

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