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We would love to talk to you!

Our office support team is here to help you on your Nemo Journey Monday to Thursday - 9am to 6pm...

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New Facebook Page

Our NEW Facebook page is here! Like us and allow Nemo Swimming to keep you up to date with our news and events...

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Nemo Blog

Is swimming a good bonding activity?

Throughout all of my time looking at the vast array of activities that I could participate in with my baby,...

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Building your own confidence in the pool

When you take your baby swimming you may think that it’s all about you helping your baby develop and learn...

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Why children who swim from birth are safer swimmers

Babies have just spent months in fluid within the womb, so getting babies started early in the water will help...

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How to keep your child safe in the water

Secondary drowning: what to look for and how to keep your child safe. Drowning is the third highest cause of...

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The benefits of getting my babies into swimming lessons at a young age

We are very pleased to feature a blog from our wonderful guest blogger Dawn, we do hope you like it,...

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The best activities to get involved with my baby

There are so many activities to choose from, from when your baby is little.  Many experts are on hand to...

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